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You've worked your tail off... in the gym...on the practice facility... at the field. And still you come up short when the competition is over.

You can practice and train all you want but if your mental game isn't there, if you have doubt or fear or are stuck in a slump, you can forget it.

Ever heard the saying "he/she's got heart" or " is playing way over her head...or up to her potential?"

 You have the KEYS to mental toughness to get there and eliminate all of those mental anchors holding you back. You will discover your best athlete using Sports Hypnosis.

Craig Sigl, featured on NBC TV, King 5 Seattle, June '09    NBC sports

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You are my mental game guru. You are extremely knowledgeable about how a
golfer thinks and how to change that thinking...and you actually
play well too with no practice time. The hypnosis sessions in your
office were so profound for me. I've discovered another level of performance
in golf and other areas of my life through this work. I look forward to
learning more from you.

Steve Wozeniak - PGA
Head Pro, Premier Golf

Do you have doubts and fears? Why can't you turn that negative voice off? You know about this elusive state called "The Zone" that other athletes have talked and written about but you just can't seem to find it on your own right? That's where I come in.

Sports Hypnosis Is Now Mainstream

Beijing 2008 Olympics: The only 2 shooters who won Gold Medals for the U.S. worked with a hypnotist
Beijing 2008: A hypnotist cured Australian Gold Medalist, Steve Hooker, of his fear in pole vaulting
Tiger Woods began seeing Jay Brunza at the age of 13 for hypnosis and mental training. Phil Mickelson was trained by mental coach and hypnotist Dean Reinmuth
In 1984, Time magazine reported that Mary Lou Retton used hypnosis to prepare for the L.A. Olympics and to block pain in her injured foot to win the Gold Medal.
1983: The Chicago White Sox hired a full-time hypnotist and made the playoffs.
Phil Jackson has used and still uses mediation and hypnosis for all his championship basketball teams with the Bulls and Lakers. He's been frequently called a "Zen Master."
1976: Rod Carew had a nagging injury that threatened his career. Through hypnosis, he turned the lingering pain into a .400 batting average.
In baseball: Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Maury Wills, Don Sutton, Mark McGwire reported using sports hypnosis to be able to relax for his baseball games.
Ken Norton used hypnosis to defeat Muhammed Ali (and broke his jaw) in the 1973 fight where Ken was a 7-1 underdog. Ali began using hypnosis soon after.
Jimmy Connors used Sports Hypnosis for his U.S. Open Tennis wins.
In 1967, a dentist, Dr. Raymond Abrezol, guided the Swiss ski team to 3 out of 4 members earning medals using hypnotic techniques.
Ingmar Johannson used Sports Hypnosis training before wresting the heavyweight boxing title from Floyd Patterson in 1959.
In 1956, Eleven hypnotists accompanied the Soviet athletic team to the Olympics in Melbourne.
Greg Louganis, Wayne Gretzky, Steve Stone, Boomer Esiason, Freeman McNeil, Talmadge Griffiths and numerous NFL, MLB, NHL, Boxing, Olympic and Pro Athletes all use hypnosis today for that edge.
Do not get left behind your competition...

I have to tell you that I was incredibly calm the day prior to the race and during as well. I broke my secret to my husband (about the fact that I'd seen you! : ) and my brother as well and they commented on a HUGE difference in my calmness leading up to the race.
Also- the descending in the race was a complete non-issue. Even though it was PISSING RAIN (excuse the expression, but there's not other way to describe it) I didn't even think twice about being comfortable, or not, in the down hills.
So, thank you again, and I look forward to seeing what further progress I can make with your assistance!

National Iron Man competitior, Issaquah, Wa

The word is out...your competition knows about Sports Hypnosis, or will soon. 

Craig Sigl covered by the Seattle PI newspaper

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Hi Craig! I was in the zone before every race. I turned in a life time best and a junior national qualifying time which got me to 1st place in the 200 meter butterfly! Ali Abadi, Seattle Wa


Hi Craig, During my marathon, I set a  personal best by several minutes even though conditions were  very difficult. Kayla Gilbertson, Redmond, WA


What is significant is that I find myself easily getting in the zone  Ken Blevins,  Arlington, VA


Craig, Wow!..Confidence and belief !!  He's 16 and these guys are seniors and some community college players… Gina T., (parent) Brier, WA 


Craig, ...attached are her stats. As you can see she is leading the team with the hitting. Dale Egan (parent), Bellevue Wa 


Craig... Bowling I have gone from a 187 ave, to 197. Golf, I am a 20  handicap now from  a 23 in just  six weeks  of using this program. Larry Stiles, Somerset MA 


Craig, the reason I write to you is simply that I shot my first 80 last week!! Kevin Sullivan, Vancouver, BC


Craig can take you to places you once thought were unachievable. Joe Galus, Everett, Wa


Since doing the hypnosis last summer, I broke  80 3 times within 6 weeks and this season have a 78 and a 79 in the last 3 weeks. Bob Ainsworth

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