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Here’s a 3 – minute segment of a radio interview Craig did on using hypnosis for baseball:
 “Craig helped me change the way I play the game of baseball forever.  Beyond baseball, Craig’s tools have helped me handle and address many important aspects of my life not just today but for the long term.”

Colin Martell 13, Seattle WA

Most people have no idea how important the mental game plays a part in baseball and softball.

“Baseball is 90% Mental…the other half is physical”… – Yogi Berra

8151361_l (1)Joe, an excellent defensive second baseman finds himself in a hitting slump. He goes through his mind to figure out what is happening and how he can fix it. He changes his stance at bat, his pre-hit routine and his lucky talisman.

All he can think of is that post on the wall of the dugout with the players averages and the last 20 at bats and it eats away at his confidence with each turn at the plate. A few of the other players give him “the look” as the team scratches and claws to stay in the race.

He begins to tell himself at the beginning of the game and before each at bat that he “needs” this one. He’s becomes more and more tense and the slump gets worse. At first, he was hitting the ball hard and the shots just seemed to always go to a fielder. But now, he’s not making contact near as much and takes way too many pitches in secret hopes that he will draw a walk just to get on base and contribute to the team. The slump goes on…

Mike is a first-year varsity pitcher. Playing with his select team over the summer, he turned in a 2.9 era, best on his team, relying on his 87 mph fast ball. During the late fall and winter, he works out and stays in shape pitching to his catcher buddy.  He reads a book on pitching by a famous ex-player who now coaches in the majors.  Somewhere in there, he gets a piece of advice that convinces him to modify his style from a hard-charging Clemons-type of pitcher to more of a crafty placement pitcher.

He thinks about the possibilities all winter long and some new pitches he’s adding to his arsenal.

Spring comes around and his first 3 outings are dismal. He’s shelled left and right and doesn’t get past 7 innings.  He goes back to the drawing board with his coach to try to “find” the “old” Mike.  He gets wilder and wilder as he forces his arm to throw the heater. All he ends up with is ice on his shoulder after another loss…

Ben is an athletic phenom. Born with more speed and talent than anyone on the team…maybe the league. In his first year, he tore up the division leading in batting average and base steals. This year is a different story.

Falcons back on winning track, 31-14He argues with the coach about being moved from center to right field. He can’t seem to get along with a few of the players on the team who call him a prima donna. He shows up late and is the first one to leave practice.  His work ethic is pitiful and the best the scouts can write about him at the end of the year is about what great potential he had.   He languishes in A ball for 2 more years before giving it up after learning his girlfriend is pregnant again.

The Baseball Mental Game is as important as the physical game

27527290_lHave you seen these players? Have you been one of them at times? What do they all have in common?…lack of a solid mental game.  

Whether you’re like those guys above or struggle to get everything out of your practice or have lost your confidence, it’s very difficult to develop a mental game once you are past a certain point.  It’s too late then.

Baseball is very unforgiving and there are always 2 players ready to step up their physical and mental regimen waiting to take your place.

Maybe you are one of those players waiting your chance eh? Excellent…if you keep that competitive drive high and incorporate mental toughness in your training, YOU WILL beat players with more talent.

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