Sports Hypnosis Certification

If you are a trained hypnotist or hypnotherapist and you are interested in learning how to work extremely effectively with athletes and performing artists, there is no better training for you than Craig Sigl’s 2-day course. Watch the video and then go to:

From Craig: Even if you are not really interested in working with athletes, every single client you ever have is dealing with some sort of fear-based issue. I have created a unique process that I call the “atom bomb of interventions.”  I call it that because it wipes out so many problems our clients come to us for and opens the door to deeper change work.

Think about this for a minute. There are only 2 real things that can happen to us humans that we do a fear response for:

1. Fear of physical harm to the body (which includes death).

2. Fear of emotions

I have asked hundreds of clients to challenge me on that and nobody has come up with anything that doesn’t lead to the bottom line being one of the above.  Now, #1 above is the true reason for us to do the Fear mechanism. I submit to you that there is no need for #2.  You can make all your decisions and generate all of your actions and behaviors based on your intelligence, knowledge, and motivation to achieve something.

Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of what others might say, fear of losing a connection all boils down to:  “I will feel bad” if that happens.

Well, what if…you didn’t fear emotions?  What if you weren’t afraid of disappointment, embarrassment, inadequacy, hurt, guild, sadness, anger, loneliness, etc.?   Well then, you would be essentially fearless (except for physical harm which is useful).

And…if you don’t fear those emotions, you don’t fear failure and all the rest.  Do you see now how you can help a client eliminate most of their irrational (non-physical) fears?

This is my emotional mastery process in my 2-day online sports hypnosis certification training and I found it to be an amazing systematic way to guide a client throw off the chains of fears…and then you use yours or my hypnotic methods to embed the new learnings into the subconscious mind.

Go watch the video testimonials of the students who took this course live and you will hear how this training went WAY beyond helping athletes.  Click Here to see the sales page.

I offer 16 CEUs for this sports hypnosis certification training and a handsome frame-able certificate for your office.

Craig Sigl

P.S. The course was recently approved by the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. Their board unanimously approved and is recommending the course to it’s members.  More organizations are currently reviewing.

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