Hypnosis Session FAQs

Here’s a 15-min. radio interview Craig did that discusses how Sports Hypnosis works:

What is hypnosis and how does it work?

Hypnosis is the process of entering a slowed brain wave state where the critical thinking faculty has been bypassed. This allows positive suggestions to become part of our automatic, unconscious functioning. It is a state of heightened awareness and focus.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Yes, anyone who so desires. Anyone who says they cannot be hypnotized, simply doesn’t want to be and cannot be forced to against their will. Asking “can I be hypnotized?” is no different than asking: “can I follow directions?”

How will I feel when I’m hypnotized?

Some people report that they felt like they do when they wake up groggy in the morning but prefer to lie in bed with their eyes still closed. Others say they feel not much different than when they began the session. The feeling isn’t important. What’s important to helping you in your sport is in how you activate your imagination.

 Does the Hypnotist have power over me?

Absolutely not. This is the biggest misconception of hypnosis. It is well-established by all reputable hypnotherapists that ALL HYPNOSIS IS SELF-HYPNOSIS. The client retains his values throughout the session. A hypnotist cannot make a client do something against his/her will.

What if I don’t wake up from hypnosis?

It’s never happened in the history of hypnosis.

How many sessions are required?

This is completely up to the client and depends on what he/she wants to accomplish. It will be discussed in a frank and open manner before the first session. This is why I offer free consultations.

 Hypnosis Myths

MYTH #1 Hypnosis is a mysterious magic power:


The American Medical Association in 1958, British Medical Association in 1955, and the American Psychological Association in 1960 accepted hypnosis as a science. There is nothing supernatural or magical about hypnosis. The fear people have of hypnosis reflects lack of knowledge, fear of the unknown or historical prejudice.


MYTH #2 Only weak willed and unintelligent people can be hypnotized:


In truth, the opposite is true. The stronger the will and the more intelligent the easier it is for a subject to enter into “state”. Everyone goes in to and out of a trance state many times a day: daydreaming, watching television, working at a computer, becoming so absorbed that you lose track of time, etc. Willingness, time, circumstances and the competence of the hypnotist are all factors in a person becoming hypnotized. I believe the ability to be hypnotized, or hypnotize yourself, is a skill. Some people have it naturally, like a child prodigy in music, and some need to practice in order to develop the skill. The majority of people fall in the latter category.


MYTH #3 A subject can enter a hypnotic trance and not awaken:


Impossible! Impossible! Impossible! If you understand the concept of hypnosis, you will understand why. It’s as ridiculous as believinga person can get stuck, forever, watching television. Even if the hypnotist were to walk away or drop dead in the middle of a show, the subjects would either open their eyes immediately or drift off into a normal sleep.


MYTH #4 People who are hypnotized can be made to do anything, even if it’s against their will:


Numerous studies have shown that participants will only act in a way that is congruent with their values and morals. People will only do, on stage, what they would normally do, given the right circumstances. Of course, people can be manipulated, lied to or coerced into doing things against their morals or values but you don’t need hypnosis to do that.


MYTH # 5 Hypnosis will cause you to reveal your deepest hidden secrets:


This is one of the biggest fears that stop people from participating in the show. Hypnosis is not a truth drug which somehow breaks down the will of the subject. People, in a hypnotic state, always know what they are saying and what they are doing and will not do anything against their will or moral values.


MYTH #6 Hypnosis is in some way anti-Christian or the work of the devil:


This is the myth that creates the kind of fear that is hard to debate. The official view of the Catholic Church, is that “Hypnotism’s Licit if used for licit purposes.” (Source: New Catholic Encyclopedia). All the other major religions have investigated hypnosis and approved it as a medical technique. In many respects the effect is similar to prayer or meditation. And still, peoples’ fear sometimes manipulates them in to believing hypnosis is something more than it is.


MYTH #7 When you’re in a trance, you are unaware of everything:


The word “trance” is confusing enough. Dictionary definitions of trance range from ” a state of absorption” to “a stunned condition”, from, “dazed” to “stupor”. No wonder people are confused. Different people have different reactions to being in a trance state: Some people feel a sense of heaviness or lightness. Some people feel a tingling sensation and some feel nothing. The most important thing to remember is, in a trance state, you are aware of everything. In fact, your senses are heightened and your awareness is at a peak.


MYTH #8 Hypnosis can cure anything:


Hypnosis cures nothing nor is it a panacea. It is in the state of hypnosis where the real, excuse the word, “magic” happens. With hypnosis you can tap into your own power to heal, manage pain, enhance creativity and athletic ability or eliminate negative habits. Hypnosis is, without a doubt, one of the most underutilized and powerful tools available for personal development. It can also greatly enhance your emotional and physical well being.


MYTH #9 Hypnosis is dangerous and should only be used by specially trained physicians:


Hypnosis is a tool of communication not medicine. Physicians practice medicine. Hypnotists practice hypnosis. Many physicians have embraced hypnosis and use it in pain control. Psychiatrists often use hypnosis in combination with psychotherapy.


The only danger of hypnosis is the
fear some people bring to it

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