Wendy Lynne, Sports Hypnotist

Wendy has a long athletic history as a tennis player and swimmer.  She understands at a personal level what athletes go through to break through performance barriers.

A mother of two very competitive boys, she co-created the Mental Toughness Academy.  The program is a comprehensive best practices training for youth athletes.

She has studied and used applied psychology techniques for over 30 years.  She brings an unique angle to the mental game of sports from her work as a life coach and certified mental toughness trainer under Craig Sigl.

“The problem with most mental game coaches out there is that they guide their clients on a surface level.  It is absolutely necessary to get to the core of a problem in order to eliminate it.” ~Wendy Lynne

Wendy’s expertise comes from an intuitive ability to apply the perfect intervention from her vast array of hypnosis tools and NLP techniques.

This is why she has such a high success rate with her athletes.

Qualifications and Training:

Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Sports Hypnotist

Certified Mental Toughness Trainer

Certified Master Life Coach

NW Coordinator for PACC (The Pro Athlete & Business Network)


B.A. Sociology UCLA


Tricia B – Parent Of World Champion Performer

Good Morning Wendy, I have to tell you, I played extremely well! I did what you told me to do – It simplified everything, eliminated all the mind chatter using the checklist I went over before every game and every at bat.  I framed everything with good thoughts, why I love this game and then let my natural talents take over. I went to the game feeling good, sowhen I saw the ball park, it looked awesome and I couldn’t wait to play. When I came to bat, there too was a level of confidence, ease & simplicity. I hit the ball hard and with authority.  My defense in the field was spectacular too, in that I made a great catch in the blinding sun. Overall, I felt confident and at ease. I really got that good feeling back (I really felt like a hitting machine). Thank You!  ~ Mike B, Baseball Player overcoming batting slump

After our work together you will have:

  • increased focus and concentration
  • ability to block out distractions
  • mastery over your pressure
  • let go of past mistakes
  • ended your negative self talk and bad habits
  • improved motivation and determination
  • quieted the internal chatter
  • gotten back to loving your sport again!

Craig Sigl, THE Mental Toughness Trainer

Craig’s unique brand of mental toughness is about helping athletes develop the skills of Focus, Confidence, Determination and Resilience especially under pressure.

Craig has been featured on NBC TV, ESPN, Golf Magazine, Huffington Post Live, The Seattle P.I. Newspaper and numerous radio shows and podcasts.

He is the creator of 9 Mental Toughness Training programs sold worldwide including his best-seller: “The Mental Toughness Academy.”

Craig’s work centers around his “Emotional Mastery” process that leads athletes to being fearless.

Clearing mental blocks and assisting athletes to destroy performance anxiety are Craig’s specialties. He has coached and trained athletes and business people for over 30 years and currently writes his newsletters to 25,000 athletes across the globe.


  • Washington Hypnosis Association – Current President
  • International Hypnosis Federation – Trainer
  • National Guild of Hypnotists – Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Association for Integrative Psychologies Trainer and Master of NLP, Hypnosis, Time Empowerment techniques
  • NESTA Certified Sports Hypnotist
  • Mottin & Johnson Institute of Hypnosis – Sports Hypnosis certification

The Tom Young Show talking sports

Craig talking about getting better at golf without practicing.

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Hi Craig! I was in the zone before every race. I turned in a life time best and a junior national qualifying time which got me to 1st place in the 200 meter butterfly! Ali Abadi, Seattle Wa


Hi Craig, During my marathon, I set a  personal best by several minutes even though conditions were  very difficult. Kayla Gilbertson, Redmond, WA


What is significant is that I find myself easily getting in the zone  Ken Blevins,  Arlington, VA


Craig, Wow!..Confidence and belief !!  He's 16 and these guys are seniors and some community college players… Gina T., (parent) Brier, WA 


Craig, ...attached are her stats. As you can see she is leading the team with the hitting. Dale Egan (parent), Bellevue Wa 


Craig... Bowling I have gone from a 187 ave, to 197. Golf, I am a 20  handicap now from  a 23 in just  six weeks  of using this program. Larry Stiles, Somerset MA 


Craig, the reason I write to you is simply that I shot my first 80 last week!! Kevin Sullivan, Vancouver, BC


Craig can take you to places you once thought were unachievable. Joe Galus, Everett, Wa


Since doing the hypnosis last summer, I broke  80 3 times within 6 weeks and this season have a 78 and a 79 in the last 3 weeks. Bob Ainsworth

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