Hypnosis Sessions In Person, by Telephone Or Skype

In-person office sessions are available Monday-Sunday 8am to 9pm PST.

We have done numerous hypnosis sessions for athletes worldwide by phone and Skype/Facetime with great success.

“After working with Craig, I was able to land a job playing in the Canadian Football League”

Craig has done so much to help me rejuvenate my floundering career as a professional athlete. Originally sought out Craig to help with a mental glitch/hitch in my giddyup that I was having while trying to execute my technique for punting.  I read countless books on Sports Psychology, Mental Toughness, positive thinking, etc.  But I never could quite attain the desired outcome I was looking for.  So finally, I was at my wit’s end trying to fix this mechanical “problem” I was having.  It was driving me crazy.  I knew I had done everything PHYSICALLY possible to try and correct it.  So now, I knew that the only possible area of my game left that needed to be worked on was my mental.

After a few sessions with Craig, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my ability to execute without any mental hangups.  My ability to relax under pressure improved drastically, along with my ability to focus on the moment and not the outcome.  I can tell you now, that although I may feel a lil’ bit of excitement when I step onto the field, it’s a totally different form of energy, an empowered one and one that brings all the right positive energy into my mind.  As opposed to the negative clutter that used to creep in.

After working with Craig, I landed a job playing in the CFL (Canadian Football League) and had success almost immediately.  This year I was nominated as my team’s ‘Most Outstanding Special Teams’ player, which is no easy task and was a great honor for me personally.  I can also tell you I’ve had more “fun” being an athlete again than I’ve ever had since I turned Pro – thanks to my newfound mindset.  And I have Craig to thank for most of it.

If you’re an athlete or even just someone looking to improve your performance in your desired field, I would like to encourage you to seekout Craig’s help just as I did.   Only hopefully, you’ll do it  sooner than I did.  I treated it as a last resort.  When really, I should have had it in my arsenal from the get go.

Eddie Johnson – Punter/Kicker CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders #11

Typically athletes go through a 4-session protocol.

In that process, most importantly, we clear all of the mental baggage that interferes with achieving peak performances: useless beliefs, faulty programs, old hurts/injuries, etc.

In addition, in the 4 sessions, the athlete learns:  Intention, Self-empowerment, Thought control, Emotional Mastery, Self Hypnosis and how to increase Self Confidence.

Those skills develop mental toughness and lead athletes to the gateway of The Zone.

When we are through, the athlete is able to keep him/herself clear, continue to build confidence with these tools and apply it all to other areas of life when we are done.

We were are most proud that this training helps athletes build confidence and other personal life skills through sport.

 **Special Note to Parents/Mentors:

You are an amazing parent if you are looking for mental coaching for your young athlete and we commend and congratulate you. You are in the right place if you are looking for help for your son or daughter.

A few things to note about working with us. Your athlete needs to be in a place to want to help. We can’t force them to learn or do anything with their mind that they don’t want to. Also, when we start working together, it is the athlete that is the client even though the parent is paying.  This means that the athlete has complete confidentiality within the law and that we don’t share with parents what is brought up.

Having said that, we are happy to have conversations with the parents to give them our opinion/suggestions for how they can best support their child with this type of training. Just like a lawyer our time is our commodity and so we hope you understand that we must treat such follow-ups as paid and scheduled appointments.

The first part of all sessions begins with interview/counseling/teaching.

The second part is hypnosis and then debriefing. The sessions will be about 1 to 1.5 hours in length
depending on the issues.

After, you will receive an .mp3 recording of the hypnosis part via email.


Sessions by Phone

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Confident. Laser Focused. Motivated. Determined. Rapid Healer. Clutch. Consistent. Loose. Razor
Sharp, Strategic

Without a doubt it is the mind that determines the outcome of our performance and behavior. With our program, you will benefit from multiple psychological principles and cutting edge technologies specifically tailored for you and your sport.

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Hi Craig! I was in the zone before every race. I turned in a life time best and a junior national qualifying time which got me to 1st place in the 200 meter butterfly! Ali Abadi, Seattle Wa


Hi Craig, During my marathon, I set a  personal best by several minutes even though conditions were  very difficult. Kayla Gilbertson, Redmond, WA


What is significant is that I find myself easily getting in the zone  Ken Blevins,  Arlington, VA


Craig, Wow!..Confidence and belief !!  He's 16 and these guys are seniors and some community college players… Gina T., (parent) Brier, WA 


Craig, ...attached are her stats. As you can see she is leading the team with the hitting. Dale Egan (parent), Bellevue Wa 


Craig... Bowling I have gone from a 187 ave, to 197. Golf, I am a 20  handicap now from  a 23 in just  six weeks  of using this program. Larry Stiles, Somerset MA 


Craig, the reason I write to you is simply that I shot my first 80 last week!! Kevin Sullivan, Vancouver, BC


Craig can take you to places you once thought were unachievable. Joe Galus, Everett, Wa


Since doing the hypnosis last summer, I broke  80 3 times within 6 weeks and this season have a 78 and a 79 in the last 3 weeks. Bob Ainsworth

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